zaterdag 31 december 2016

Bericht vanuit Fedecrail

On the last day of 2016 I have the pleasure to forward the link to the following documents:

1. The latest issue of Sidelines (148), which can be downloaded from:

2. The FRONZ Christmas Journal is available for download at:

Also we have been notified that two Swedish standard gauge locomotives are for sale:

The two locos are SJ E4 1827, former BJ N3 66. Built in Motala works number 495/1914 

and SJ G9 1842, former GDJ N3 58. Built in Trollhättan NOHAB works number 996/1912.

Both are in unrestored but reasonable condition and sold as is. The buyer will have to pay for transport from the current location. Closest railway line is Värnamo, approximately 2 Swedish miles away. Price is to be discussed with interested buyer, but should be reasonable. See attached Photographs.
For more information, please contact Jonas Svartlok:

Best wishes for 2017,
Meilleur Voeux pour 2017,
ein gutes Jahr 2017,
Beste wensen voor 2017.
Kees Wijnnobel.